About Us

Labour Unions in some form or the other have been in existence till the early 18th and 19th centuries even though in a highly unorganised and disoriented form. What is important is that origins of labour union movement in no two countries have been the same. Given this scenario, it often becomes very difficult for those keenly following the movement to keep track of its origins and the latest developments.

Uawlocal298.org is a blog site that focuses solely on the labour union movement in countries around the world and brings to readers the latest updates in this regard. To meet our objectives, we invite contributions from bloggers who are experts in this field as well as those that have keenly follow evolution of the movement.

Any write-up on this niche is welcome by us. Bloggers can delve into the history of the labour union scenario in their countries and the different laws that govern these organisations. They can also highlight major happenings that have moulded the trade union associations to its present form.

Our blog site is dedicated exclusively to the niche of labour unions and anything related to it. Thus the scope for bloggers is very wide. History of labour unions, landmark acts and legislation in different countries, how labour unions influenced major political parties, how labour movements have taken part in Government formation – these are some of the options writers can delve into.

For us at uawlocal298.org no news and information on labour unions is too insignificant for us. We even welcome trivia that seeks to go off the beaten track but draws out the very essence of labour union movements around the world.